Inaugural Rover’s Roundup: February 8-12


Full disclosure – after my kids go to bed, I get in my pyjamas and watch Coronation Street. Every. Night. This is one of the reasons I never go out past 7:30pm – but maybe that’s a post for another time…. Anyhow, each week I will round up the best and worst from the cobbles, for the 6 of you who are interested!

So without further ado, here is the first Rover’s Roundup (yes – I did the flashy graphic myself)

rovers roundup1

The Good

Norris may be the biggest gossip on the street, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t looking out for his friends. In what was possibly the most cordial fight ever, Norris told Brendan exactly where to go. Brendan is no good for Mary and he’s leading her on. Too bad poor Mary is so in love she can’t even see him for what he is: a married man. Way to go Norris!

Bonus points to Mary for listening to Dido’s “White Flag” while drowning her sorrows in chocolate.

The Bad

OK. I can’t be the only one rolling my eyes at the return of Pat Phelan, right? Anna needs to tell Kevin exactly what really happened with Phelan, or else….My prediction: Phelan will destroy Jason’s business, and ruin Kevin’s auto shop, and the blame will all be on Anna, because she didn’t warn everyone how terrible he was.

The Come On, Already

PLEASE tell me the story with Carla is done soon. The Carla-Johnny-Nick-Robert bit is getting sooooo boring. I’m tired of seeing Carla drinking and angry. She used to be a tough chick, but lately she’s so whiny.


This week, I learned a new saying, courtesy of Sally Metcalfe: “Grasp the nettle” means to tackle a difficult situation. It’s the same as “Grab the bull by the horns”, just more British. You’re welcome.








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