Check-in: New Year’s Resolutions

Well, we’re 6 weeks into 2016, so what better time to check the progress of our New Year’s resolutions? I don’t really consider myself a resolution-y person, but this year I tried to make three resolutions so easy-to-follow, my Type-A side is satisfied:

Try to keep my house (relatively) tidy
With two toddlers at home, this is the hardest one to keep. I’m making a real effort to put things away, right away, or taking a few minutes after the kids go to bed to do a quick tidy. For the most part, it’s going alright. I’ve even tried recruiting the kiddos to take their dishes to the counter and tidy up their toys. So far they only tidy up if there’s something in it for them, and Mommy’s sanity isn’t a good enough reason.

Try probiotics
I watched a lot of daytime TV while I was on my last maternity leave, and probiotics seemed to be pretty trendy in 2014-15.  And since I’m the coolest and trendiest person I know, I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve been using Bio-K+ probiotics since the beginning of January. I can’t say that I’ve noticed a huge difference, but I’m hoping that my gut flora has. Maybe I only give this one 6 months….they are pretty expensive.

Go 300 days without sugar
After I had my daughter, the Internet and I diagnosed myself as a sugar addict. I was eating a lot of chocolate. A. LOT. Every day I would have two bags of mini chocolates (equivalent to about 4 full-sized chocolate bars). One day, I listened to my body and realized I had a real, physical craving. That realization coincided with New Year’s 2013, and so I resolved to go as many days as I could without sugar (for me, sugar is: chocolate, cookies, candies, cakes, pastries, or anything else with added sugar. I don’t count fruit or carbs). So, in 2015 I went 243 days without sugar. But that’s only 66%, and I know I can do better. So this year, I’m aiming for 300 days. That’s 25 days a month. Dora the Explorer achieves everything she sets out to do, and so can I!

Since I have a pretty good handle on three resolutions, why not add one more? I used to be pretty active, but my kids suck all my time and energy now, so I’m not feeling as fit as I used to. Since I can’t get to a gym, I’m going to start small: do 4 Sun Salutations every morning (2 on each side). This will only take 5 minutes each morning and will stretch out my stiff body. I have this picture in my room to remind me to get my behind out of bed and stretch! If you’re saying “but what can sun salutation do for me?!” and you want to give it a try, The Open Mind is really easy to understand and informative.

Sun Salutation

Really easy to follow: just start with the little red guy and move clockwise!

I’d love to hear about your resolutions, if you have any!


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