Important Medical Breakthrough

I was on Facebook the other day and I came across this story and it seemed too important not to discuss.

We have to remember people come in all different shapes and sizes. We’re all fighting our own battles, many of them invisible.

Richard Fairbrass is a British singer/songwriter best known for his 1992 hit I’m Too Sexy:


Recently, Fairbrass underwent a sexiness reduction procedure.

“Mr Fairbrass’ problems began in the early nineties when he woke up one morning to find that he was too sexy for his shirt, the condition worsened throughout the day until he became so sexy it hurt.”

According to the source, Fairbrass described his sexiness as a “difficult time”, “a nightmare”, and a “hell he wouldn’t wish on anyone”.

His courage to come forward and raise awareness should be applauded. There may not be a cure for sexiness -yet- but for those of us who are affected by our own daily struggles with sexiness, at least there is hope.


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