Rover’s Roundup: February 22-26

I almost didn’t want to write tonight’s Roundup, since this seemed like such an uneventful week. But then, the last 5 minutes of Friday’s episode showed some promise, so let’s jump in!

rovers roundup1

The Good

Finally, it looks like the Simon-Leanne story might be wrapping up. Fingers crossed! It seems like he’s been Angry Simon for so long and she’s been Breathless-Crying-Apologetic Leanne for so long. Hopefully he goes to live with Peter, the counselling starts working, or something happens because I’m losing sympathy for Leanne.

Simon throwing

Is Simon ever going to chill?

The Bad

Poor Jason. So hot and so dumb. I don’t know what Phelan has in store for him (or why, for that matter), but he can’t say he wasn’t warned. Izzy shouting “You’re an idiot” across the street should have been enough. Oh well. The new Stoner Izzy is gutsy, though! New hairdo and all!


Oh Jason. You won’t be smiling much longer.

The Oh Puh-leese

WHERE IS STEVE?!?!?! Still in Spain?!?!?


You’d better have an amazing tan when you get back….

Stay Tuned For

A Tracy-Carla showdown is coming! I think I smell the beginning of Carla’s exit storyline…..


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