Rover’s Roundup: February 29-March 4

Sooooo much to cover this week, so let’s jump in!

rovers roundup1

The Good

Sally’s social climbing knows no bounds. At least Tim sees through her (but loves her anyway). On the surface it seems like she’s a generous wife buying her husband a share in Street Cars, but we all know it’s just for appearances and her political campaign.  Hopefully something good will come out of Tim’s new career: some Tim-Steve shenanigans maybe!  When is Steve coming back?!?!

Now we have a real race on our hands, with Norris running against Sally for local council. I’m looking forward to some real banter and fights!


The Bad

How does Tracy get away with everything?!?!?! How does she even still live on the street?!?!?! She says and does the nastiest things and everyone’s reaction is a slight eye roll and an “Oh, Tracy”. I don’t think she’ll go anywhere, though, since Kate Ford is soooo good as the street’s bad girl!

Phelan is the worst! What is he playing at?!?!?! In usual Coronation Street fashion, everyone turns on Anna for hating this guy.  No worries, we can count on Tim to be the voice of reason: “Anna’s a good woman and he’s been on the street for 5 minutes. I know who I’d trust.” Yay Tim! Soon everyone will know the truth. Kevin just walked in on Phelan getting rough with Anna, so hopefully Anna will tell Kevin everything and Kevin will finally take her side. We just have to wait until Monday to find out….

Is anyone else dying to see Fat Brenda?

Coronation Street News

In actual Coronation Street news, Tony Warren, the creator of Coronation Street died earlier this week. People who don’t watch the show may not understand the impact Coronation Street has had on more than one generation of viewers. He created one of the longest running series in television history and I’m sure his absence will be felt.




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