Rover’s Roundup: March 7-11

I feel like there wasn’t much action this week, but the stage(s) is/are being set for some big things. Plus, I had to more or less marathon this weeks’ episodes. So instead of the normal format, this week I’m simply going to offer my top 4 musings from this week.

rovers roundup1

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….Oh Jason. So hot and so dumb. He doesn’t even believe Kevin when he says he caught Phelan assaulting* Anna. It was recently announced Jason is leaving the cobbles for good, so maybe the story line with Phelan is part of his exit plan.

*Ok, so Kevin didn’t technically see Phelan attack Anna, but he saw enough. And we know what happened.


Oh Jason. You have it coming. Whatever “it” is….


I laughed out loud when Gail told Nick the Connors have problems. She has a drug dealer’s body buried under her garage, who was murdered by her daughter-in-law and put there by her son and daughter, no less. No Gail. More like the Platts have problems….

callum logan

The Platts have 99 problems but Callum ain’t one….anymore.

I recognize the irony that Chesney’s current girlfriend is a model and his ex-girlfriend wasn’t.


Katy is trying to make it in Hollywood irl. Sinead’s spinal injury healed pretty fast.

Where has Sarah been? I totally forgot she was even pregnant (with the drug dealer’s baby, see #2).


Good thing Sarah got hit by that car, otherwise she might not have found out she was pregnant.

If Nick does decide to sell the bistro to Robert, he’d better have a clause in that contract that voids the sale in the event that the chef sleeps with his fiancé.


Who will Nick sell to? His ex-prostitute ex-wife, or his fiance’s one-night-stand?


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