Rovers Roundup: March 14-18

It was sort of an uneventful week, right? Just some regular storyline maintenance.  A few things were revealed though, so let’s get to it!

rovers roundup1

Bethany has been skyving (skipping school, for the Canadian audience) because she’s being bullied. As if she didn’t have enough on her plate, what with having a crush on her mom’s murdered drug-dealer ex boyfriend and just being a Platt in general. I hope she tells Kylie everything and she goes totally nuts on those girls.


I have a feeling someone is going to wipe those smug grins off those bullies’ faces.


So we find out Marta was being kept a slave by the O’Driscolls. Ahhhh, now I understand why they introduced her. Obviously Eva will be vindicated but I think we’ll have to wait. On a related note, how were Eva, Billy, and Aidan so surprised to learn about modern day slavery? Don’t they get the BBC, the Internet, or even a newspaper in Weatherfield?!?


Marta steals Billy’s phone and wallet and runs off to Bolton. Naturally, Eva thinks that’s an invitation.


Something has been bugging me for years……..

I don’t think anyone has ever worked a whole shift, uninterrupted on Coronation Street. Ever. Tracy walks into the Bistro kitchen and interrupts Robert. Sarah takes a lot of breaks at the Rovers.  Carla comes and goes from the factory as she pleases. I just think about all the lost productivity over the years. It doesn’t seem to have any impact, though, since everyone is employed. Always. I don’t know about the UK’s unemployment statistics, but it doesn’t seem to apply to Weatherfield. People can always find a job, no matter what. New girl (and predicted man eater) Rana walked onto the street and straight into a nursing job at the health centre. Eva gets fired from knicker stitching and gets hired as a barmaid in the same afternoon. Jenny Bradley gets pulled back onto the street by Rita and not only gets a job in The Kabin but also gets a job in the factory. Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird there’s so many trained machinists living on the same street? In the same vein, people always find a place to live on the street, too, but maybe that’s a post for another day….


coro gif.gif

I don’t even remember where Katy worked. The kebab shop?


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