Rover’s Roundup: March 21-25

I record Coronation Street every night and watch it after my kids go to bed. Since starting the Roundup, I’ve been making notes during each episode so I can write the Roundup right after Friday’s episode. Well, this week I made more notes than the last two weeks combined. Who knows whether this Roundup will be any better or worse than the others, but let’s find out!

rovers roundup1

Michael VS Phelan

So Michael confronts Phelan (for the 35328th time) and he gets chest pains and falls down the stairs. Don’t worry, he only suffered a sprained ankle, concussion, and bruised ego.

michael stairs

Uh oh Michael, watch out for those stairs…. (source)

Since the last few confrontations don’t work, Michael decides to confront Phelan again while he’s stuck in the hospital bed. Wrongly accusing Phelan of stealing Jason’s tools, Michael is forced to apologize. Since that doesn’t go over well, he chases Phelan down in the street and threatens him. When that doesn’t work, he hides himself in the back of Phelan’s van. Naturally, this has the opposite effect on Eileen, who is getting more and more irritated with Michael’s shenanigans. Obviously Michael is right about Phelan. Obviously Eileen was going to dump him. Obviously Phelan was going to make a move on Eileen. Truthfully I was getting bored of the back and forth between Michael and Phelan. I know Phelan is up to something, I just don’t know what it is and I’m looking forward to seeing what he has up his sleeve!


We’re on to you, Pat Phelan. (source)

Sally VS Norris

The Weatherfield council election race is heating up! It seems like it’s all down to Norris and Sally and neither of them are pulling any punches. My favourite line of the week, when Sally asks Norris what his intentions are: “I’ve got every intention of wiping that smug, sanctimonious grin off your face.”  Go Norris!  If it were really down to these two, though,  I can’t say I’d vote for either. On one hand, Norris isn’t as self-righteous as Sally, but on the other hand, Sally will definitely put up a fight on council. I kind of liked the quiet guy between Sally and Norris in the debate at Roy’s. He didn’t say anything but looked both thoughtful and confused at the same time.

debate itv

But what’s your platform, Bill Malone? (source)


Eva VS O’Driscolls

Alright, I feel like this is starting to heat up. I’m happy to see Billy is involved now too (I like Billy and I think he has the potential for some real comedy). So after stealing his phone and money, Billy and Eva go searching for Marta. Thank heavens it’s 2016 and there’s a GPS in his iphone. Anyhow, they find her sleeping rough and take her back to the O’Driscoll’s house, after learning she only “stole a pair of earrings”. What’s really odd about both of Billy’s visits to the O’Driscoll’s is that he doesn’t sense something is wrong. The first time, when he drops Marta off, he doesn’t find Marta’s behaviour weird? Then, when he goes to check on her and they said they sent her back to Poland, he doesn’t pick up on the vibes? I don’t know any vicars personally, but I imagine they have to have a 6th sense, intuition, gut feeling, or something, right?

billy marta

There’s nothing wrong here, Billy? Nothing? (source)


I like how Michael and Andy still have a father-son type relationship. Even if they aren’t related. At all.

I liked seeing Sarah going all mama-bear on that bully Lauren and her mom. Lots of yelling and pointing.

So Gemma’s back! I always thought she had potential, and now that she’s no longer in Callum’s shadow (because he’s buried under the Platt’s garage) I’m looking forward to some funny stuff!

Normally I really hate when they introduce new characters out of the blue, but I need to see more Freddy! He’s lovely 🙂 and I could listen to that voice and accent all day! I can’t imagine him becoming a regular, but who knows, maybe he’ll find love with Audrey. Lord knows she doesn’t have a chance with Luke 😉





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