Rover’s Roundup: March 28-April 1

A few big things happened this week!  Phelan and Eileen, Kevin and Anna, Eva and O’Driscolls, Sarah and baby. With Coronation Street there are ebbs and flows, where there may be a few episodes or weeks of maintenance or “filler” stories, then BOOM, some good stuff happens!

rovers roundup1

Phelan and Eileen

Ooooh, Phelan is so bad! He was a step ahead of Anna, intercepting her story and getting his own version of events to Eileen first. Naturally, Eileen believes Phelan (the new creep on the street that everyone is wary of) over Anna, who, granted, has a strained relationship with Eileen, but who’s also a longtime, well-known neighbour. Eileen, you’re just as dumb as Jason, except not as hot. Izzy is right, she deserves whatever she gets. I do think Todd is on to Phelan, though. I don’t think he’s fully aware of what Phelan is fully capable of, but I think he’s suspicious for sure. I’d love to see a Todd-Phelan showdown. They both have a pretty long rap-sheet of nasty deeds and I’d love to see them go head-to-head. I can’t even say who’d win…..


I can’t be the only one who cringed (source)


Kevin and Anna

Obviously Kevin and Anna both still had the feelings for each other and it was only a matter of time before they got back together. I’m happy that Anna finally told Kevin the truth and I’m pleasantly surprised he believed and supported her, no questions asked.

Eva and Marta and Billy and Aidan and O’Driscolls

Vindicated! Eva was proven right, even if it meant everyone got arrested and charged with something. I wasn’t expecting Eva, Billy and Marta to make it out unnoticed, but I definitely didn’t expect Aidan to save the day! Great sucker punch! Poor Aidan was so conflicted about the contracts and the modern slavery but he came through. I’m not an expert in contract law, but can one party just scrap a contract? I guess if they have charges against the other party…..? What are the chances that Marta’s family in Poland has a clothing store and will hire Underworld to stitch all their knickers? I don’t think we’ve seen the last of these people.


Don’t worry, Eva! Aidan will be there in 3, 2, 1…… (source)

Sarah and her baby

My memory is a little hazy. I started watching Coronation Street around the time that Sarah and Todd were dating and she was pregnant with baby Billy. It was a long time ago and I wasn’t a regular watcher so I don’t remember much but I know there is shared history between Sarah and Todd. I like seeing Todd being a little softer and not so meddling and plotting. Also Sarah asking Kylie to be her birthing partner! They haven’t been close, but they’ve been through a lot together and I like seeing them on the same side for once! Poor Sarah and her baby. Five weeks early isn’t ideal but it isn’t terrible either. I hope her and the baby are alright but something tells me they won’t be.


#squadgoals (source)


I don’t know if they’ll make any big story lines for Gemma but I like how she’s becoming a bit of a protector on the street. First she stands up to the street toughs in the kabab shop (and gets a job out of it, in a very funny scene with Dev), and then she stands up to Bethany’s bullies. I think she’s funny and I can’t wait to see more. On Friday, we last saw her making a very suspicious-sounding phone call (I think to Callum’s mom), so maybe she will be a bit of a troublemaker too.

Election day finally came! I can’t be the only person who thought it was a little anti-climactic, right? Sally disappears to hear the results and then does a little brag in the Rover’s and then it was over. I just thought there would be a little more pomp. Poor Norris, though. I think he was really disappointed. But I’m not sure what disappointed him more: losing or losing to Sally.



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