Rover’s Roundup: April 11-15

First, I have to remind everyone it’s that time of year again: NHL playoffs. But, you ask, what does that have to do with Coronation Street? It has everything to do with Coronation Street! Since CBC shows the playoffs in the usual Coronation Street timeslot, it means for the next couple of months, Coronation Street will be aired at different times. Make sure you check your local listings and adjust your PVR’s accordingly. I get caught every year, but not this year. I’m way ahead of you now, CBC!

rovers roundup1

Carla Did What to Tracy?!?!?

We left off last Friday with Carla slapping Tracy. Right. In. The. Face. Tracy had it coming, but does Carla have a death-wish? Anyhow, it looks like they’ve patched things up and they’re going to be best buds again. LOL. Not quite, but it seems like there’s a cease-fire of sorts. After Tracy admits to Carla she was only toying with her and was never going to reveal the secret, Carla’s left reeling. So for now, it seems like everything is going to be fine. Or is it???? Tracy goes to tell Robert she thinks she’s pregnant, but instead of telling him she’s up the duff, she tells him she knows he slept with Carla. He was pretty shocked when confronted, but Robert’s not dumb. I think he’ll put it all together and figure out exactly what Tracy’s role in the Bistro sale was.

carla tracy slap

That’s gonna leave a mark (source)

Anna’s a Buzzkill (literally)

So Izzy legitimately has chronic pain and nothing works for her. Well, almost nothing. After failing at trying to get her own pot, Gary has now offered to do it for her. Not after a fight, though. After she gets some really potent marijuana, Anna comes in with baby Jake and threatens to call the police, child services, or anyone who will listen. Whaaat?!?! I guess medical marijuana isn’t legal in the UK and that’s why everyone is so uptight about it?

arrested development

Regardless, I’m pretty sure Gary’s going to get busted for this. I don’t know why Izzy didn’t let him move in. I have toddlers too, and I find it crazy hard to parent, and I’m not in a wheelchair with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and chronic pain. But I guess she’s too proud to ask for help.

izzy gary pot

Don’t worry Izzy, Gary wouldn’t “grass” you up (source)

Michelle is (going to) Get Her Groove On

Ever since Will walked into the Rover’s I could smell the impending affair a mile away, even though she’s planning his wedding to Saskia. First, Michelle and Will have history (even if they were only 14). Second, they’re both super attractive. Third, Steve is nowhere to be found (that’s not exactly true – he can be found on a beach in Spain).  I don’t know why Michelle wasn’t honest about Steve when Liz confronted her about her feelings for Will. Why didn’t she say “your son’s left me high and dry to run three businesses while he’s working on his tan in Spain.”?  And I have a question for all the medical professional readers: how long does a broken leg take to heal? It seems like Andy’s been out of commission for a looooong time now.

Steve-Michelle will

Steve, you’d better come back with one heck of a tan (source)


First, a very happy (belated) 1st birthday to Miley Windass-Hodge! I missed it last week (April 3rd). I can just see her now: she’s probably just starting to walk, feeding herself puffies, and enjoying the beautiful Canadian spring weather!

Is Todd really on to Phelan, or does he just think something isn’t right? Todd’s not perfect, but compared to Phelan, he’s an angel.

Sarah seems to have lots of support, but I think she’s going to have a tough time with baby Harry. Why do Nick and Carla live separately, still? Nick could move in with Carla, and Sarah, Bethany, and baby Harry could move into Nick’s apartment. How many bedrooms are in these row houses, anyway? Even with the granny suite, there are four adults, one teenager, one child, one toddler, and a newborn living in the Platt’s house.

I know I say it every week, but I love Freddie! He’s super cool, drives a motorcycle, and now we can add breaks up drunken stag fights to the list! I don’t know what they have planned for him, whether he’s here for only a few episodes or long term, but I like it when he shows up. Ken seems to be a bit jealous, though, no?

Did I get it right this week? Is Freddie really as dreamy as I imagine? How many more Platts can they squeeze into number 8? Will baby Miley come back one day as a teenager looking for her mom?


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