Rover’s Roundup: April 18-23

I’m going to say the theme of this week’s Rover’s Roundup is “love”. There is some budding love (Liz/Chris), new love (Aidan/Eva), old love (Tim/Sally), and illicit love (Michelle/Will). There’s even a love triangle (Sophie/Kate/Kaz). The cobbles are getting steamy, y’all!!

rovers roundup1

Tracy-Robert-Carla-Nick (yes, still)

Maybe there’s an end in sight? We all know Carla is set to leave the show. I assume it will be around the wedding, because, let’s face it, no one on Coronation street ever has a drama-free wedding. But we may have turned a new leaf. After Tracy told Robert everything (including how she blackmailed Carla into getting Nick to sell the Bistro), he wasn’t too happy. He dumped her, and rightly so. Buuuut, doesn’t he know who he’s dealing with? Poor Carla had to run around doing damage control, and even had to say some nice-ish things about Tracy so Robert would take her back. Because there’s nothing more dangerous than an angry Tracy. So it seems like Tracy will be good and do anything (include washing pots and pans) to keep Robert. And Carla and leisurewear-Nick will be off to Devon in no time!


Tim and Sally

Poor Tim. I’ve always liked Tim – a lovable goofball. But it seems like he’s having trouble adjusting to life as a Councillor’s husband. He made Sally a nice roast chicken that she didn’t even come home for. And he skipped the fancy dinner with the Planner and his wife. Well, he showed up long enough to hear Sally exaggerating about him and their life. I don’t know why she does it. Also, I would have thought being a Weatherfield Councillor was a full-time job, but she still works at the factory? Naturally, she isn’t able to remain the Assistant Manager any longer, which is why it’s good that Eva’s been re-hired (I guess Underworld management isn’t worried about a possible conflict of interest with Aidan and Eva dating)

Sally aside, I really love Tim and Sophie’s relationship. It’s very caring and open, and he’s sort of like a surrogate father to her. She has a really honest relationship with Kevin, but I don’t imagine her talking to him about her complicated feelings for Kate. I’m pretty sure I’ll need a Coronation Street writer to confirm this for me, but I’m certain Tim started singing Juice Newton’s* song “Heartache” to Sophie to try and cheer her up. It was only the first line of the song, and only someone raised listening to Juice Newton would recognize it, but I know what I heard:

*OK, so a quick search for this video reveals that Bonnie Tyler came out with this song the same year and had more success than Juice Newton. But since I hadn’t heard Bonnie Tyler’s version until today, I’ll stick to this one (although with Bonnie Tyler being Welsh, the writers were likely thinking of her….)


Tidbits (soooo many this week!)

Liz meets Chris and he thinks she’s Amy’s mom?!?! Um, no. And I’ll leave it at that.

As a child Mary had hopes for a future taming rats. Oh Mary! Where does she come up with this stuff? I love Mary’s tangents, when we get glimpses into her life or learn more about Mother.

Ooooh, Maria’s home (I almost forgot about her) and I smell a secret! Who was that mysterious call from?? She put the phone back in her purse awfully quickly…She probably hooked up with some super hot Cypriot. Poor Luke, though. Oh well, he always has Audrey as a backup 😉

Kurt was describing his and Beth’s relationship as a panto horse. Obviously Kurt is the backside (although I don’t know about Beth being the head necessarily….)

Yasmin secretly moved all of Sally’s fence-posts. Yasmin thinks she’s pretty clever, but this will come back round to her. Or Jason will get blamed for it. One way or another, there will be a showdown and the chickens will come home to roost (hehe, pun intended)

We haven’t seen angry, brain-injured Nick in soooo long! That Lauren and her friends better watch out, because Nick is unpredictable when he’s pushed too far. She does have it coming, though.

What made you go “hmmm” this week? Liz being mistaken for Amy’s mom? Tracy washing pots and pans? Sally calling Tim an antique glass entrepreneur?


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