Rover’s Roundup: April 18-23

I’m going to say the theme of this week’s Rover’s Roundup is “love”. There is some budding love (Liz/Chris), new love (Aidan/Eva), old love (Tim/Sally), and illicit love (Michelle/Will). There’s even a love triangle (Sophie/Kate/Kaz). The cobbles are getting steamy, y’all!!

rovers roundup1

Tracy-Robert-Carla-Nick (yes, still)

Maybe there’s an end in sight? We all know Carla is set to leave the show. I assume it will be around the wedding, because, let’s face it, no one on Coronation street ever has a drama-free wedding. But we may have turned a new leaf. After Tracy told Robert everything (including how she blackmailed Carla into getting Nick to sell the Bistro), he wasn’t too happy. He dumped her, and rightly so. Buuuut, doesn’t he know who he’s dealing with? Poor Carla had to run around doing damage control, and even had to say some nice-ish things about Tracy so Robert would take her back. Because there’s nothing more dangerous than an angry Tracy. So it seems like Tracy will be good and do anything (include washing pots and pans) to keep Robert. And Carla and leisurewear-Nick will be off to Devon in no time!


Tim and Sally

Poor Tim. I’ve always liked Tim – a lovable goofball. But it seems like he’s having trouble adjusting to life as a Councillor’s husband. He made Sally a nice roast chicken that she didn’t even come home for. And he skipped the fancy dinner with the Planner and his wife. Well, he showed up long enough to hear Sally exaggerating about him and their life. I don’t know why she does it. Also, I would have thought being a Weatherfield Councillor was a full-time job, but she still works at the factory? Naturally, she isn’t able to remain the Assistant Manager any longer, which is why it’s good that Eva’s been re-hired (I guess Underworld management isn’t worried about a possible conflict of interest with Aidan and Eva dating)

Sally aside, I really love Tim and Sophie’s relationship. It’s very caring and open, and he’s sort of like a surrogate father to her. She has a really honest relationship with Kevin, but I don’t imagine her talking to him about her complicated feelings for Kate. I’m pretty sure I’ll need a Coronation Street writer to confirm this for me, but I’m certain Tim started singing Juice Newton’s* song “Heartache” to Sophie to try and cheer her up. It was only the first line of the song, and only someone raised listening to Juice Newton would recognize it, but I know what I heard:

*OK, so a quick search for this video reveals that Bonnie Tyler came out with this song the same year and had more success than Juice Newton. But since I hadn’t heard Bonnie Tyler’s version until today, I’ll stick to this one (although with Bonnie Tyler being Welsh, the writers were likely thinking of her….)


Tidbits (soooo many this week!)

Liz meets Chris and he thinks she’s Amy’s mom?!?! Um, no. And I’ll leave it at that.

As a child Mary had hopes for a future taming rats. Oh Mary! Where does she come up with this stuff? I love Mary’s tangents, when we get glimpses into her life or learn more about Mother.

Ooooh, Maria’s home (I almost forgot about her) and I smell a secret! Who was that mysterious call from?? She put the phone back in her purse awfully quickly…She probably hooked up with some super hot Cypriot. Poor Luke, though. Oh well, he always has Audrey as a backup 😉

Kurt was describing his and Beth’s relationship as a panto horse. Obviously Kurt is the backside (although I don’t know about Beth being the head necessarily….)

Yasmin secretly moved all of Sally’s fence-posts. Yasmin thinks she’s pretty clever, but this will come back round to her. Or Jason will get blamed for it. One way or another, there will be a showdown and the chickens will come home to roost (hehe, pun intended)

We haven’t seen angry, brain-injured Nick in soooo long! That Lauren and her friends better watch out, because Nick is unpredictable when he’s pushed too far. She does have it coming, though.

What made you go “hmmm” this week? Liz being mistaken for Amy’s mom? Tracy washing pots and pans? Sally calling Tim an antique glass entrepreneur?


Rover’s Roundup: April 11-15

First, I have to remind everyone it’s that time of year again: NHL playoffs. But, you ask, what does that have to do with Coronation Street? It has everything to do with Coronation Street! Since CBC shows the playoffs in the usual Coronation Street timeslot, it means for the next couple of months, Coronation Street will be aired at different times. Make sure you check your local listings and adjust your PVR’s accordingly. I get caught every year, but not this year. I’m way ahead of you now, CBC!

rovers roundup1

Carla Did What to Tracy?!?!?

We left off last Friday with Carla slapping Tracy. Right. In. The. Face. Tracy had it coming, but does Carla have a death-wish? Anyhow, it looks like they’ve patched things up and they’re going to be best buds again. LOL. Not quite, but it seems like there’s a cease-fire of sorts. After Tracy admits to Carla she was only toying with her and was never going to reveal the secret, Carla’s left reeling. So for now, it seems like everything is going to be fine. Or is it???? Tracy goes to tell Robert she thinks she’s pregnant, but instead of telling him she’s up the duff, she tells him she knows he slept with Carla. He was pretty shocked when confronted, but Robert’s not dumb. I think he’ll put it all together and figure out exactly what Tracy’s role in the Bistro sale was.

carla tracy slap

That’s gonna leave a mark (source)

Anna’s a Buzzkill (literally)

So Izzy legitimately has chronic pain and nothing works for her. Well, almost nothing. After failing at trying to get her own pot, Gary has now offered to do it for her. Not after a fight, though. After she gets some really potent marijuana, Anna comes in with baby Jake and threatens to call the police, child services, or anyone who will listen. Whaaat?!?! I guess medical marijuana isn’t legal in the UK and that’s why everyone is so uptight about it?

arrested development

Regardless, I’m pretty sure Gary’s going to get busted for this. I don’t know why Izzy didn’t let him move in. I have toddlers too, and I find it crazy hard to parent, and I’m not in a wheelchair with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and chronic pain. But I guess she’s too proud to ask for help.

izzy gary pot

Don’t worry Izzy, Gary wouldn’t “grass” you up (source)

Michelle is (going to) Get Her Groove On

Ever since Will walked into the Rover’s I could smell the impending affair a mile away, even though she’s planning his wedding to Saskia. First, Michelle and Will have history (even if they were only 14). Second, they’re both super attractive. Third, Steve is nowhere to be found (that’s not exactly true – he can be found on a beach in Spain).  I don’t know why Michelle wasn’t honest about Steve when Liz confronted her about her feelings for Will. Why didn’t she say “your son’s left me high and dry to run three businesses while he’s working on his tan in Spain.”?  And I have a question for all the medical professional readers: how long does a broken leg take to heal? It seems like Andy’s been out of commission for a looooong time now.

Steve-Michelle will

Steve, you’d better come back with one heck of a tan (source)


First, a very happy (belated) 1st birthday to Miley Windass-Hodge! I missed it last week (April 3rd). I can just see her now: she’s probably just starting to walk, feeding herself puffies, and enjoying the beautiful Canadian spring weather!

Is Todd really on to Phelan, or does he just think something isn’t right? Todd’s not perfect, but compared to Phelan, he’s an angel.

Sarah seems to have lots of support, but I think she’s going to have a tough time with baby Harry. Why do Nick and Carla live separately, still? Nick could move in with Carla, and Sarah, Bethany, and baby Harry could move into Nick’s apartment. How many bedrooms are in these row houses, anyway? Even with the granny suite, there are four adults, one teenager, one child, one toddler, and a newborn living in the Platt’s house.

I know I say it every week, but I love Freddie! He’s super cool, drives a motorcycle, and now we can add breaks up drunken stag fights to the list! I don’t know what they have planned for him, whether he’s here for only a few episodes or long term, but I like it when he shows up. Ken seems to be a bit jealous, though, no?

Did I get it right this week? Is Freddie really as dreamy as I imagine? How many more Platts can they squeeze into number 8? Will baby Miley come back one day as a teenager looking for her mom?

Rover’s Roundup: April 4-8

I thought this week was pretty funny! I even caught some funny one-liners!

rovers roundup1

Sarah’s in labour!

Sarah went into labour 5 weeks early and she was having flashbacks to when she lost baby Billy 11 years earlier. In spite of all the tension, it was actually pretty comedic. When her birthing partner, Kylie, can’t be found, David and Todd are there for Sarah. My favourite line of the week? Sarah’s labouring and in pain, and when she asks where Kylie is, David replies: “I dunno. I’ve got a bit of Drake on my phone if you want to sing along”. Lol David. And a shout out to Canada with the Drake reference!

Not to worry, though. After Todd convincing Sarah the emergency c-section is the best thing for the baby, baby Harry is born! I’ll admit, the Platt family tree is getting a little tangled now, and this isn’t lost on little Max, who asks if David can be Harry’s dad too, since Callum isn’t around. So, not only are Max and Harry brothers, they’re cousins, too. But like Kylie said, they’re both raising the same dead man’s kids, so they’ll have to pull together.

I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Marian, though. I suspect she’ll get so fed up of being denied visits with baby Harry that she’ll take them to court. Maybe then the real whereabouts of Callum will be discovered? And I’m not the only one who thinks Callum is still alive!!!! Check out below! (source)


Carla & Nick & Tracy & Robert & The Bistro

Aaaahhhhh!!!!! Why doesn’t anyone tell Tracy to just back off? Ever? She’s the worst (in the best bad-guy way). I did like Carla finally standing up to her, though, telling Tracy they’re going to keep the bistro until the wedding. You go, girl! Too bad your spineless fiance, as Tracy called him, was out signing the contracts as you spoke.

Also, did Robert just meet Tracy? Doesn’t he know she needs a softer touch?  Instead of him yelling at her for getting the new sign installed, he should have asked her nicely (in private) to just give him some time to adjust to the new business. She really doesn’t do well with humiliation, threats, or yelling. We left off with Carla slapping Tracy in the face, which she deserves, but it may be Carla’s dumbest move ever. And that includes sleeping with her fiance’s chef.


Now that the O’Driscoll’s are banged up, does Eva get her job back? I think she’s more than proven herself, especially after getting a meeting with Hanlon.

Second favourite line of the week: “I love power walking, me. It’s like walking with more power.” Sally to Gail when they were out for a walk.

I think a year is long enough for the Gail-pining-for-Michael-storyline. It looks like he’s gone to be an ice cream truck driver for the summer. It was nice of him to give Gail a present, though. Even if it was a decorative tissue box holder. I don’t think anyone has ever been as excited as Gail was to receive that tissue holder.


I can’t wait to blow my nose! (source)

I’m not complaining, but I think Aidan needs some bigger shirts. They’re getting pretty tight in the arms and chest. I’m just saying…..

Freddy drives a motorcycle?!?!?! Just when I couldn’t love him anymore and I didn’t think he could get any cooler, he drives Kylie to the hospital on the back of his hog. So cool.


He’s so stinkin’ cool! (source)

I was just thinking about Craigie the other day, wondering where he’s been, and there he is! He was very sweet doing art with Max and Lily. Too bad Caitlin left them unsupervised for a couple of minutes and they ended up spray painting the entire kitchen.

So! Do you think Callum is still alive? Are Aidan’s shirts too tight or just right? Is your favourite gift a tissue holder?

Rover’s Roundup: March 28-April 1

A few big things happened this week!  Phelan and Eileen, Kevin and Anna, Eva and O’Driscolls, Sarah and baby. With Coronation Street there are ebbs and flows, where there may be a few episodes or weeks of maintenance or “filler” stories, then BOOM, some good stuff happens!

rovers roundup1

Phelan and Eileen

Ooooh, Phelan is so bad! He was a step ahead of Anna, intercepting her story and getting his own version of events to Eileen first. Naturally, Eileen believes Phelan (the new creep on the street that everyone is wary of) over Anna, who, granted, has a strained relationship with Eileen, but who’s also a longtime, well-known neighbour. Eileen, you’re just as dumb as Jason, except not as hot. Izzy is right, she deserves whatever she gets. I do think Todd is on to Phelan, though. I don’t think he’s fully aware of what Phelan is fully capable of, but I think he’s suspicious for sure. I’d love to see a Todd-Phelan showdown. They both have a pretty long rap-sheet of nasty deeds and I’d love to see them go head-to-head. I can’t even say who’d win…..


I can’t be the only one who cringed (source)


Kevin and Anna

Obviously Kevin and Anna both still had the feelings for each other and it was only a matter of time before they got back together. I’m happy that Anna finally told Kevin the truth and I’m pleasantly surprised he believed and supported her, no questions asked.

Eva and Marta and Billy and Aidan and O’Driscolls

Vindicated! Eva was proven right, even if it meant everyone got arrested and charged with something. I wasn’t expecting Eva, Billy and Marta to make it out unnoticed, but I definitely didn’t expect Aidan to save the day! Great sucker punch! Poor Aidan was so conflicted about the contracts and the modern slavery but he came through. I’m not an expert in contract law, but can one party just scrap a contract? I guess if they have charges against the other party…..? What are the chances that Marta’s family in Poland has a clothing store and will hire Underworld to stitch all their knickers? I don’t think we’ve seen the last of these people.


Don’t worry, Eva! Aidan will be there in 3, 2, 1…… (source)

Sarah and her baby

My memory is a little hazy. I started watching Coronation Street around the time that Sarah and Todd were dating and she was pregnant with baby Billy. It was a long time ago and I wasn’t a regular watcher so I don’t remember much but I know there is shared history between Sarah and Todd. I like seeing Todd being a little softer and not so meddling and plotting. Also Sarah asking Kylie to be her birthing partner! They haven’t been close, but they’ve been through a lot together and I like seeing them on the same side for once! Poor Sarah and her baby. Five weeks early isn’t ideal but it isn’t terrible either. I hope her and the baby are alright but something tells me they won’t be.


#squadgoals (source)


I don’t know if they’ll make any big story lines for Gemma but I like how she’s becoming a bit of a protector on the street. First she stands up to the street toughs in the kabab shop (and gets a job out of it, in a very funny scene with Dev), and then she stands up to Bethany’s bullies. I think she’s funny and I can’t wait to see more. On Friday, we last saw her making a very suspicious-sounding phone call (I think to Callum’s mom), so maybe she will be a bit of a troublemaker too.

Election day finally came! I can’t be the only person who thought it was a little anti-climactic, right? Sally disappears to hear the results and then does a little brag in the Rover’s and then it was over. I just thought there would be a little more pomp. Poor Norris, though. I think he was really disappointed. But I’m not sure what disappointed him more: losing or losing to Sally.


Rover’s Roundup: March 21-25

I record Coronation Street every night and watch it after my kids go to bed. Since starting the Roundup, I’ve been making notes during each episode so I can write the Roundup right after Friday’s episode. Well, this week I made more notes than the last two weeks combined. Who knows whether this Roundup will be any better or worse than the others, but let’s find out!

rovers roundup1

Michael VS Phelan

So Michael confronts Phelan (for the 35328th time) and he gets chest pains and falls down the stairs. Don’t worry, he only suffered a sprained ankle, concussion, and bruised ego.

michael stairs

Uh oh Michael, watch out for those stairs…. (source)

Since the last few confrontations don’t work, Michael decides to confront Phelan again while he’s stuck in the hospital bed. Wrongly accusing Phelan of stealing Jason’s tools, Michael is forced to apologize. Since that doesn’t go over well, he chases Phelan down in the street and threatens him. When that doesn’t work, he hides himself in the back of Phelan’s van. Naturally, this has the opposite effect on Eileen, who is getting more and more irritated with Michael’s shenanigans. Obviously Michael is right about Phelan. Obviously Eileen was going to dump him. Obviously Phelan was going to make a move on Eileen. Truthfully I was getting bored of the back and forth between Michael and Phelan. I know Phelan is up to something, I just don’t know what it is and I’m looking forward to seeing what he has up his sleeve!


We’re on to you, Pat Phelan. (source)

Sally VS Norris

The Weatherfield council election race is heating up! It seems like it’s all down to Norris and Sally and neither of them are pulling any punches. My favourite line of the week, when Sally asks Norris what his intentions are: “I’ve got every intention of wiping that smug, sanctimonious grin off your face.”  Go Norris!  If it were really down to these two, though,  I can’t say I’d vote for either. On one hand, Norris isn’t as self-righteous as Sally, but on the other hand, Sally will definitely put up a fight on council. I kind of liked the quiet guy between Sally and Norris in the debate at Roy’s. He didn’t say anything but looked both thoughtful and confused at the same time.

debate itv

But what’s your platform, Bill Malone? (source)


Eva VS O’Driscolls

Alright, I feel like this is starting to heat up. I’m happy to see Billy is involved now too (I like Billy and I think he has the potential for some real comedy). So after stealing his phone and money, Billy and Eva go searching for Marta. Thank heavens it’s 2016 and there’s a GPS in his iphone. Anyhow, they find her sleeping rough and take her back to the O’Driscoll’s house, after learning she only “stole a pair of earrings”. What’s really odd about both of Billy’s visits to the O’Driscoll’s is that he doesn’t sense something is wrong. The first time, when he drops Marta off, he doesn’t find Marta’s behaviour weird? Then, when he goes to check on her and they said they sent her back to Poland, he doesn’t pick up on the vibes? I don’t know any vicars personally, but I imagine they have to have a 6th sense, intuition, gut feeling, or something, right?

billy marta

There’s nothing wrong here, Billy? Nothing? (source)


I like how Michael and Andy still have a father-son type relationship. Even if they aren’t related. At all.

I liked seeing Sarah going all mama-bear on that bully Lauren and her mom. Lots of yelling and pointing.

So Gemma’s back! I always thought she had potential, and now that she’s no longer in Callum’s shadow (because he’s buried under the Platt’s garage) I’m looking forward to some funny stuff!

Normally I really hate when they introduce new characters out of the blue, but I need to see more Freddy! He’s lovely 🙂 and I could listen to that voice and accent all day! I can’t imagine him becoming a regular, but who knows, maybe he’ll find love with Audrey. Lord knows she doesn’t have a chance with Luke 😉




Rovers Roundup: March 14-18

It was sort of an uneventful week, right? Just some regular storyline maintenance.  A few things were revealed though, so let’s get to it!

rovers roundup1

Bethany has been skyving (skipping school, for the Canadian audience) because she’s being bullied. As if she didn’t have enough on her plate, what with having a crush on her mom’s murdered drug-dealer ex boyfriend and just being a Platt in general. I hope she tells Kylie everything and she goes totally nuts on those girls.


I have a feeling someone is going to wipe those smug grins off those bullies’ faces.


So we find out Marta was being kept a slave by the O’Driscolls. Ahhhh, now I understand why they introduced her. Obviously Eva will be vindicated but I think we’ll have to wait. On a related note, how were Eva, Billy, and Aidan so surprised to learn about modern day slavery? Don’t they get the BBC, the Internet, or even a newspaper in Weatherfield?!?


Marta steals Billy’s phone and wallet and runs off to Bolton. Naturally, Eva thinks that’s an invitation.


Something has been bugging me for years……..

I don’t think anyone has ever worked a whole shift, uninterrupted on Coronation Street. Ever. Tracy walks into the Bistro kitchen and interrupts Robert. Sarah takes a lot of breaks at the Rovers.  Carla comes and goes from the factory as she pleases. I just think about all the lost productivity over the years. It doesn’t seem to have any impact, though, since everyone is employed. Always. I don’t know about the UK’s unemployment statistics, but it doesn’t seem to apply to Weatherfield. People can always find a job, no matter what. New girl (and predicted man eater) Rana walked onto the street and straight into a nursing job at the health centre. Eva gets fired from knicker stitching and gets hired as a barmaid in the same afternoon. Jenny Bradley gets pulled back onto the street by Rita and not only gets a job in The Kabin but also gets a job in the factory. Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird there’s so many trained machinists living on the same street? In the same vein, people always find a place to live on the street, too, but maybe that’s a post for another day….


coro gif.gif

I don’t even remember where Katy worked. The kebab shop?

Flawless Life

Yesterday my student staff had her graduation photos. After four long years, she was finally graduating from university. She looked gorgeous (and she is, too). When I asked her how the photoshoot went, she said the photographer told her to select the photos based on poses and not on blemishes because he would be Photoshopping it all out. It reminded me of my kids’ most recent school pictures (they were 3 and 1.5). My son had a big scratch on his cheek (a trophy from a fight with his big sister. He didn’t win.) that the photographer removed. I was kind of disappointed, because that scar had a story. If photographs are meant to be a snapshot of a moment in time and some of those moments are digitally removed, is it a real representation?



Obviously, there is sooo much discussion about real live v.s social media life. People only post photos of their happiest, cutest, most beautiful moments. But life isn’t like that. My kid cries for any reason (he’s 2, so he’s basically like a teenager-in-training). As I watched him have a hairy conniption yesterday I realized I’ve never seen a crying kid on my Facebook feed. Ever. If Facebook is an accurate representation of my friends’ lives, then my kid is in real trouble.

People are so obsessed with projecting a flawless image that we’re missing out on the truly candid moments. Obviously, there are so many advantages to digital images and the possibilities created with mobile devices. But I can’t be the only one who remembers the excitement going to the photo store and picking up the envelope of pictures and looking through all the photos, seeing a surprise photo or two, and sharing “doubles” with friends.


I love this picture. See more!

With the digital age we’re able to curate our lives in the moment. We can look at the photos we take, as soon as we take them, and post them to wherever, perhaps without much reflection. In the pursuit of portraying the perfect moment and idyllic life, we’re losing the authentic photos, where we’re ugly laughing, or making a silly face.

I know my kids are perfect (obviously), but I sure don’t mind capturing their less-than-perfect moments, battle wounds and all.*


*I don’t post photos of my kids online or on social media. But that’s for another post….

Rover’s Roundup: March 7-11

I feel like there wasn’t much action this week, but the stage(s) is/are being set for some big things. Plus, I had to more or less marathon this weeks’ episodes. So instead of the normal format, this week I’m simply going to offer my top 4 musings from this week.

rovers roundup1

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….Oh Jason. So hot and so dumb. He doesn’t even believe Kevin when he says he caught Phelan assaulting* Anna. It was recently announced Jason is leaving the cobbles for good, so maybe the story line with Phelan is part of his exit plan.

*Ok, so Kevin didn’t technically see Phelan attack Anna, but he saw enough. And we know what happened.


Oh Jason. You have it coming. Whatever “it” is….


I laughed out loud when Gail told Nick the Connors have problems. She has a drug dealer’s body buried under her garage, who was murdered by her daughter-in-law and put there by her son and daughter, no less. No Gail. More like the Platts have problems….

callum logan

The Platts have 99 problems but Callum ain’t one….anymore.

I recognize the irony that Chesney’s current girlfriend is a model and his ex-girlfriend wasn’t.


Katy is trying to make it in Hollywood irl. Sinead’s spinal injury healed pretty fast.

Where has Sarah been? I totally forgot she was even pregnant (with the drug dealer’s baby, see #2).


Good thing Sarah got hit by that car, otherwise she might not have found out she was pregnant.

If Nick does decide to sell the bistro to Robert, he’d better have a clause in that contract that voids the sale in the event that the chef sleeps with his fiancé.


Who will Nick sell to? His ex-prostitute ex-wife, or his fiance’s one-night-stand?

Top 5 things I learned on maternity leave

My second maternity leave ended on March 2nd last year, which means I’ve been back to work for exactly one year. I was already pregnant when I returned to work after my first maternity leave and knew I only had 6 months to kill before I was off again with baby two, so I did my time easily knowing there was an end date in sight. After my son was born, though, I enjoyed my year off with him but always had March 2nd looming. I knew I wasn’t going back to work pregnant this time and that this would likely be my last maternity leave. I like my job and I like making money, but I loved my time with my kids and I miss the uninterrupted days we got to spend together. I’m fortunate to live in Canada and work for the University of Toronto where I’m able to take a year off to be with my babies.
So, with all that being said, here are the top 5 things I learned on my last maternity leave (in no particular order). I should mention I watched a lot of daytime TV while I was off. A lot.

1. Add some of the pasta water to drained pasta to make the sauce stick.
I honestly had never heard of this. But Stefano taught me how to take the water from the pot and add it to the drained pasta and sauce to make the sauce and noodles one. It took more than a few steam burns to get it right, but it’s made all the difference. And, with two toddlers in the house, we eat a lot of pasta. Who am I kidding. We eat a lot of Kraft Dinner.

2. I learned to drink and love coffee (sort of)
I’ve never been a coffee drinker. Ever. I try not to drink a lot of caffeine and I don’t really like hot drinks, so I’ve gone my whole life (mostly) without drinking coffee. But then I had a skinny vanilla latté* from Starbucks and sometimes it’s all I can think about. Because of the prohibitive price tag, I treat myself and only have one on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I walk the three blocks at 7:30 in the morning, thankful the whole way that I live in a big city where we have two Starbucks in a 6 block radius. I’ve really come to value my weekend morning routine, even if I have to trick my kids into thinking I’m taking the garbage out.

*I recognize that real coffee drinkers won’t think a latté is real coffee, but for me, it may as well be a dark roast.

3. I learned the importance of dry brushing
One of my favourite daytime shows was Steven and Chris. I loved everything about this show and always learned at least one thing each episode. One day, they taught me about dry brushing – brushing the body using a stiff-bristled brush to promote circulation, encourage the lymphatic system, and slough off dead skin. For a long time I was doing this every night and it made me feel so energized and tingly. It only takes a minute or two but it feels so good after!

4. How to really be a mom**
After I had my daughter, I took to moming like a fish to water. She was such an easy kid: she slept well, I could take her anywhere, and she was so easygoing that I thought to myself, probably pretty smugly, “what’s the big deal? This parenting thing isn’t so hard.” Well. When I had my son, I also had a 19 month old. It took me having a second kid to feel like a first time parent. I had to take care of a baby and parent a toddler (while babies require a lot of care, they don’t require a lot of “parenting”). I was filled with doubt, worrying about teaching my toddler about the world and trying to give my son the same attention my daughter got (spoiler alert: it’s never equal). While some days I feel like I’m winging it, most days I marvel at these two little monsters, destroying my house and exploding my heart.


Parenting looks just like this, only with less white clothes.

**I do not want this post to become a contest in best-parenting practices. Please take the above as one mom’s experience on maternity leave.

5. How to read
Obviously I know how to read. I’ve been reading books since I was a kid, starting with The Babysitter’s Club and R.L. Stein. However, after watching TV all day and being fortunate enough to have two babies in bed by 7:00pm, I was left with a bit of free time in the evenings. For years I read books that didn’t really challenge me as a reader. Then I read The Poisonwood Bible in November 2014. Not only did it challenge me, it changed me as a reader. I began to appreciate the writing, not just the story. I began to love the simple act of cracking a book’s spine and snuggling up in bed to read. This is by far my favourite habit I started while I was off.


What did you do on your maternity leave? Never took maternity leave? What would you do if you could take one?

Rover’s Roundup: February 29-March 4

Sooooo much to cover this week, so let’s jump in!

rovers roundup1

The Good

Sally’s social climbing knows no bounds. At least Tim sees through her (but loves her anyway). On the surface it seems like she’s a generous wife buying her husband a share in Street Cars, but we all know it’s just for appearances and her political campaign.  Hopefully something good will come out of Tim’s new career: some Tim-Steve shenanigans maybe!  When is Steve coming back?!?!

Now we have a real race on our hands, with Norris running against Sally for local council. I’m looking forward to some real banter and fights!


The Bad

How does Tracy get away with everything?!?!?! How does she even still live on the street?!?!?! She says and does the nastiest things and everyone’s reaction is a slight eye roll and an “Oh, Tracy”. I don’t think she’ll go anywhere, though, since Kate Ford is soooo good as the street’s bad girl!

Phelan is the worst! What is he playing at?!?!?! In usual Coronation Street fashion, everyone turns on Anna for hating this guy.  No worries, we can count on Tim to be the voice of reason: “Anna’s a good woman and he’s been on the street for 5 minutes. I know who I’d trust.” Yay Tim! Soon everyone will know the truth. Kevin just walked in on Phelan getting rough with Anna, so hopefully Anna will tell Kevin everything and Kevin will finally take her side. We just have to wait until Monday to find out….

Is anyone else dying to see Fat Brenda?

Coronation Street News

In actual Coronation Street news, Tony Warren, the creator of Coronation Street died earlier this week. People who don’t watch the show may not understand the impact Coronation Street has had on more than one generation of viewers. He created one of the longest running series in television history and I’m sure his absence will be felt.