The Answers to Your Top 2 Questions for Leap Year Babies

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEE!!!!! (OK, and Ja Rule too).


As someone who has arguably the most controversial birthday (sorry Christmas and New Year babies), I’m here to answer your two most burning questions. Questions you’ve always wanted to ask but couldn’t, because you’ve never met a Leaper before.

“You’re born on February 29th?!? When do you celebrate your birthday: the 28th or the 1st?”

Growing up, and still to this day, my parents argue over this question.

My mom: “She’s born on the last day of February. When there’s no Leap Year, that’s the 28th.”

My dad: “She’s born the day after the 28th. When there’s no Leap Year, that’s the 1st.”

While both are valid arguments, I prefer to celebrate on the 28th. Maybe because it’s a day earlier, or maybe because I have a slight fear/strong preference for even numbers, who knows. But if someone wishes me a happy birthday on the 1st, it feels belated. I’m sure most Leapers have their own preferences, too. For me, though, when the 29th does finally come, it feels especially special.

“You’re born on February 29th?!? So how old are you?”

This year I will be my “9th” birthday (yes, your quick calculations are correct: 36). Sometimes this question feels prying, and while I’m not embarrassed by my age, some Leapers may not be as comfortable saying their age as I am. The look on peoples’ faces when they ask about my birthday is best described as a mixture of amazement, confusion, wonder, speechlessness, and sympathy.

leap ecard

This ecard was written word-for-word from every conversation I’ve had about my birthday. Ever.

Last week I ran into a pregnant work acquaintance:

Me: “When are you due again?”

Her: “March 7th but the doctor thinks it will come early.”

Me: “Ohhhh! Maybe it will be born on the 29th!”

Her: “Oh, God, I hope not!”

At the mere suggestion that her sweet darling might come on the 29th, she looked at me like I had two heads (both of whom were born on a Leap Year, btw). While her reaction caught me off guard, I can’t say it’s the first time a pregnant lady has given me the same how-dare-you look when I marveled at the possibility of another kindred spirit joining me on Leap Day.

The thing about us Leapers (yes, I recognize there are a number of different meanings for the term Leaper, however, for the purpose of this post it obviously refers to someone born on February 29th), is we have feelings too. We’re parents, children, siblings and friends. We’re contributing members of society, with ordinary jobs, just like you, just trying to make it like everyone else. Except that we won’t get a Champagne Birthday ever (you know, when you’re birthday is on the 19th and you turn 19, or you turn 7 on the 7th? We turn 28 on the 29th and 29 on the 28th. But you know, first world problems, amirite?)

We all know February 29th is statistically the least common birth date of the year. So how common is your birthday?

Are these your top questions for Leapers, too? If you have a different question I’d love to hear it in the comments!


Rover’s Roundup: February 22-26

I almost didn’t want to write tonight’s Roundup, since this seemed like such an uneventful week. But then, the last 5 minutes of Friday’s episode showed some promise, so let’s jump in!

rovers roundup1

The Good

Finally, it looks like the Simon-Leanne story might be wrapping up. Fingers crossed! It seems like he’s been Angry Simon for so long and she’s been Breathless-Crying-Apologetic Leanne for so long. Hopefully he goes to live with Peter, the counselling starts working, or something happens because I’m losing sympathy for Leanne.

Simon throwing

Is Simon ever going to chill?

The Bad

Poor Jason. So hot and so dumb. I don’t know what Phelan has in store for him (or why, for that matter), but he can’t say he wasn’t warned. Izzy shouting “You’re an idiot” across the street should have been enough. Oh well. The new Stoner Izzy is gutsy, though! New hairdo and all!


Oh Jason. You won’t be smiling much longer.

The Oh Puh-leese

WHERE IS STEVE?!?!?! Still in Spain?!?!?


You’d better have an amazing tan when you get back….

Stay Tuned For

A Tracy-Carla showdown is coming! I think I smell the beginning of Carla’s exit storyline…..

Important Medical Breakthrough

I was on Facebook the other day and I came across this story and it seemed too important not to discuss.

We have to remember people come in all different shapes and sizes. We’re all fighting our own battles, many of them invisible.

Richard Fairbrass is a British singer/songwriter best known for his 1992 hit I’m Too Sexy:


Recently, Fairbrass underwent a sexiness reduction procedure.

“Mr Fairbrass’ problems began in the early nineties when he woke up one morning to find that he was too sexy for his shirt, the condition worsened throughout the day until he became so sexy it hurt.”

According to the source, Fairbrass described his sexiness as a “difficult time”, “a nightmare”, and a “hell he wouldn’t wish on anyone”.

His courage to come forward and raise awareness should be applauded. There may not be a cure for sexiness -yet- but for those of us who are affected by our own daily struggles with sexiness, at least there is hope.

Rover’s Roundup: February 15-19

I don’t want to keep the 3 of you in suspense any longer, so let’s jump right in!

rovers roundup1

The Good

Not only did Eva look super hot in that red dress for the O’Driscoll dinner party, but who knew she could sing! Her voice was surprisingly good, but it was her comedic timing that really made the scene! I hope to see a lot more of her comedy skills soon (although I don’t know how likely that is with the new Marta story line).


The Bad

OMG I wish people would just MYOB! I guess if people did mind their own business, there wouldn’t be a Coronation Street to watch…..Between Johnny confronting Robert about his one-night stand with Carla, to Kate hearing Jenny’s story to convince Sophie she’s not a terrible person, everybody was up in everybody’s business this week. I have to agree with Carla, too – I thought it was icky that Johnny wanted to talk to his (illegitimate) daughter about her “love” life.

Oh Puh-leez

Sally, along with most of the street, has really been bullying Jenny. I understand people are still mad that she kidnapped Kevin’s son and she’s back in Weatherfield, but she’s also admitted to suffering from mental illness. With so much stigma surrounding mental illness, I think the writers could have used this character’s story to raise awareness. I have a feeling Jenny is here to stay, for a while at least, so maybe they will make people less nasty and more understanding.

Looking forward to….

…..seeing what David did to Beth’s hair. The look on his face when he realized he made a mistake with the dye – priceless!


Check-in: New Year’s Resolutions

Well, we’re 6 weeks into 2016, so what better time to check the progress of our New Year’s resolutions? I don’t really consider myself a resolution-y person, but this year I tried to make three resolutions so easy-to-follow, my Type-A side is satisfied:

Try to keep my house (relatively) tidy
With two toddlers at home, this is the hardest one to keep. I’m making a real effort to put things away, right away, or taking a few minutes after the kids go to bed to do a quick tidy. For the most part, it’s going alright. I’ve even tried recruiting the kiddos to take their dishes to the counter and tidy up their toys. So far they only tidy up if there’s something in it for them, and Mommy’s sanity isn’t a good enough reason.

Try probiotics
I watched a lot of daytime TV while I was on my last maternity leave, and probiotics seemed to be pretty trendy in 2014-15.  And since I’m the coolest and trendiest person I know, I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve been using Bio-K+ probiotics since the beginning of January. I can’t say that I’ve noticed a huge difference, but I’m hoping that my gut flora has. Maybe I only give this one 6 months….they are pretty expensive.

Go 300 days without sugar
After I had my daughter, the Internet and I diagnosed myself as a sugar addict. I was eating a lot of chocolate. A. LOT. Every day I would have two bags of mini chocolates (equivalent to about 4 full-sized chocolate bars). One day, I listened to my body and realized I had a real, physical craving. That realization coincided with New Year’s 2013, and so I resolved to go as many days as I could without sugar (for me, sugar is: chocolate, cookies, candies, cakes, pastries, or anything else with added sugar. I don’t count fruit or carbs). So, in 2015 I went 243 days without sugar. But that’s only 66%, and I know I can do better. So this year, I’m aiming for 300 days. That’s 25 days a month. Dora the Explorer achieves everything she sets out to do, and so can I!

Since I have a pretty good handle on three resolutions, why not add one more? I used to be pretty active, but my kids suck all my time and energy now, so I’m not feeling as fit as I used to. Since I can’t get to a gym, I’m going to start small: do 4 Sun Salutations every morning (2 on each side). This will only take 5 minutes each morning and will stretch out my stiff body. I have this picture in my room to remind me to get my behind out of bed and stretch! If you’re saying “but what can sun salutation do for me?!” and you want to give it a try, The Open Mind is really easy to understand and informative.

Sun Salutation

Really easy to follow: just start with the little red guy and move clockwise!

I’d love to hear about your resolutions, if you have any!

Inaugural Rover’s Roundup: February 8-12


Full disclosure – after my kids go to bed, I get in my pyjamas and watch Coronation Street. Every. Night. This is one of the reasons I never go out past 7:30pm – but maybe that’s a post for another time…. Anyhow, each week I will round up the best and worst from the cobbles, for the 6 of you who are interested!

So without further ado, here is the first Rover’s Roundup (yes – I did the flashy graphic myself)

rovers roundup1

The Good

Norris may be the biggest gossip on the street, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t looking out for his friends. In what was possibly the most cordial fight ever, Norris told Brendan exactly where to go. Brendan is no good for Mary and he’s leading her on. Too bad poor Mary is so in love she can’t even see him for what he is: a married man. Way to go Norris!

Bonus points to Mary for listening to Dido’s “White Flag” while drowning her sorrows in chocolate.

The Bad

OK. I can’t be the only one rolling my eyes at the return of Pat Phelan, right? Anna needs to tell Kevin exactly what really happened with Phelan, or else….My prediction: Phelan will destroy Jason’s business, and ruin Kevin’s auto shop, and the blame will all be on Anna, because she didn’t warn everyone how terrible he was.

The Come On, Already

PLEASE tell me the story with Carla is done soon. The Carla-Johnny-Nick-Robert bit is getting sooooo boring. I’m tired of seeing Carla drinking and angry. She used to be a tough chick, but lately she’s so whiny.


This week, I learned a new saying, courtesy of Sally Metcalfe: “Grasp the nettle” means to tackle a difficult situation. It’s the same as “Grab the bull by the horns”, just more British. You’re welcome.







Giggle Bank

Sigh. Have you ever had one of those days (or weeks. Or months.)? One of those days where you just feel ‘blah’? As an admin assistant and a mom with two toddlers I feel like this a lot of the time – I’m doing so much for others that my giggle bank gets depleted. So, you ask, what do I do when I’m feeling like this? I make a deposit into my giggle bank. I used to have an actual, physical “happy file”, where I would put notes, pictures, accolades, etc, that I could open and read from time to time. However, now that we live in the digital age, I watch one of my go-to funny videos that make me smile. Sometimes life, and the world in general, can get overwhelming, so taking a moment to recall a funny memory or a minute to watch a YouTube video can instantly lighten the mood!
And because I’m soooo giving, I’m going to share my favourite video. You can think of us as having a joint giggle bank account 😉

I’m all dressed for work this morning, we’re almost ready to get out of the door, surprisingly, waaaaay ahead of schedule, and the girl starts vomiting. All over. Everywhere. Sigh. So we get her cleaned up, get the floor cleaned up, I call into work, I take the boy to daycare and, go to the store and get ginger ale. And then I needed some of this….

Do you have a giggle bank? What sort of things make you happy?