Rover’s Roundup: April 4-8

I thought this week was pretty funny! I even caught some funny one-liners!

rovers roundup1

Sarah’s in labour!

Sarah went into labour 5 weeks early and she was having flashbacks to when she lost baby Billy 11 years earlier. In spite of all the tension, it was actually pretty comedic. When her birthing partner, Kylie, can’t be found, David and Todd are there for Sarah. My favourite line of the week? Sarah’s labouring and in pain, and when she asks where Kylie is, David replies: “I dunno. I’ve got a bit of Drake on my phone if you want to sing along”. Lol David. And a shout out to Canada with the Drake reference!

Not to worry, though. After Todd convincing Sarah the emergency c-section is the best thing for the baby, baby Harry is born! I’ll admit, the Platt family tree is getting a little tangled now, and this isn’t lost on little Max, who asks if David can be Harry’s dad too, since Callum isn’t around. So, not only are Max and Harry brothers, they’re cousins, too. But like Kylie said, they’re both raising the same dead man’s kids, so they’ll have to pull together.

I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Marian, though. I suspect she’ll get so fed up of being denied visits with baby Harry that she’ll take them to court. Maybe then the real whereabouts of Callum will be discovered? And I’m not the only one who thinks Callum is still alive!!!! Check out below! (source)


Carla & Nick & Tracy & Robert & The Bistro

Aaaahhhhh!!!!! Why doesn’t anyone tell Tracy to just back off? Ever? She’s the worst (in the best bad-guy way). I did like Carla finally standing up to her, though, telling Tracy they’re going to keep the bistro until the wedding. You go, girl! Too bad your spineless fiance, as Tracy called him, was out signing the contracts as you spoke.

Also, did Robert just meet Tracy? Doesn’t he know she needs a softer touch?  Instead of him yelling at her for getting the new sign installed, he should have asked her nicely (in private) to just give him some time to adjust to the new business. She really doesn’t do well with humiliation, threats, or yelling. We left off with Carla slapping Tracy in the face, which she deserves, but it may be Carla’s dumbest move ever. And that includes sleeping with her fiance’s chef.


Now that the O’Driscoll’s are banged up, does Eva get her job back? I think she’s more than proven herself, especially after getting a meeting with Hanlon.

Second favourite line of the week: “I love power walking, me. It’s like walking with more power.” Sally to Gail when they were out for a walk.

I think a year is long enough for the Gail-pining-for-Michael-storyline. It looks like he’s gone to be an ice cream truck driver for the summer. It was nice of him to give Gail a present, though. Even if it was a decorative tissue box holder. I don’t think anyone has ever been as excited as Gail was to receive that tissue holder.


I can’t wait to blow my nose! (source)

I’m not complaining, but I think Aidan needs some bigger shirts. They’re getting pretty tight in the arms and chest. I’m just saying…..

Freddy drives a motorcycle?!?!?! Just when I couldn’t love him anymore and I didn’t think he could get any cooler, he drives Kylie to the hospital on the back of his hog. So cool.


He’s so stinkin’ cool! (source)

I was just thinking about Craigie the other day, wondering where he’s been, and there he is! He was very sweet doing art with Max and Lily. Too bad Caitlin left them unsupervised for a couple of minutes and they ended up spray painting the entire kitchen.

So! Do you think Callum is still alive? Are Aidan’s shirts too tight or just right? Is your favourite gift a tissue holder?


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